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A specialist media platform for creative professionals. Bespoke websites designed to showcase high quality work with quick and easy tools to create client reels, private playlists and file transfers.

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Upload content to your media library, create relevant playlists and add them to your website. Let our technology deal with all the video & image optimisations.

Private Playlists

Create private playlists from your media archive. Email and share your playlists without them appearing in your website navigation.

Secure File Transfers

Send large files to clients or allow others to upload new content into your Management Console.

Bespoke Design

Whether you're an independent, production company or creative agency we provide a bespoke design service that integrates Spotbox into a professional website.

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Ben Smithard

Director of Photography

David Stewart


Peter Suschitzky

Director Of Photography

Chris Oddy

Production Designer

Tim Maurice-Jones

Director of Photography

Joseph Bennett

Production Designer


Production Company

Stephen Keith-Roach

Director of Photography

Jake Polonsky

Director of Photography

Bill Deamer

Choreographer & Director

Tat Radcliffe

Director of Photography

David Mark Lee

Production Designer

Tony Slater-Ling

Director of Photogrpahy

John De Borman

Director of Photography

Splinter Films

Production Company

Alex Barber

Director of Photography

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Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Responsive design allow our sites to work on all devices, while your content is automatically converted to multiple formats for broad compatibility.

Limitless storage

We have all the storage capacity you'll ever need and we don't put a limit on how much you can use.

Technical Support

Spotbox is monitored 24/7 and we are always available for email and phone support for any queries you may have.

Preparing Your Content

We provide additional services to help you get your content ready for viewing. We can also assist you in the creation of any additional assets you might need.

Domain Transfers

We can provide all the information you need to transfer your website and get you up and running. We will walk you through the whole process in getting your website ready

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